The Poodle is one of the most iconic of dog breeds, instantly recognisable to almost everyone. There are three kinds of poodle: Standard, Miniature and Toy, each with its own unique look, but all have the general aspects of this popular breed. Believed to have originated in Germany, it was considered a water dog, bred for to assist game hunters. It is thought that German soldiers then introduced it into France, where it became known for retrieving ducks and also hunting truffles. The smaller poodles also became extremely popular as lap dogs. Nowadays, the Poodle is classified as a utility dog and is famed for its unique appearance and vivacious character.

Physical characteristics

The height of the Poodle depends on the version in question:

Standard: Shoulder height over 38cms (15 inches)
Miniature: Shoulder height must be between 28cms (11 inches) and 38cms (15 inches)
Toy: Shoulder height must be below 28cms (11 inches)

Poodles have a refined and delicate appearance, with a long and relatively narrow head and well-contoured chin. Its ears hang close to its face and it should have strong jaws. Although small compared with many other dogs, it should have a muscular body with wide chest, powerful loins and straight legs. Traditionally, the tail was docked, but this practice has now been outlawed in many European countries, and the tail should...

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