Schipperke, aka “The Little Captain,” is a small, vigilant, quick and energetic breed, most ideal for companionship and protection. Originally a ratter and watchdog, Schipperkes are excellent hunters that hardly miss any moving prey, with the exception of pet cats and dogs. However, caged pets may trigger killer instincts.


Schipperke is a Belgian breed with origins dating back to the 16th century. Native to the Flemish region, this breed is a descendant of the massive Leauvenaar, a local sheepdog. Progressively smaller versions of the Schipperke were bred for ratting and protecting barges and small boats on the Belgian waterways, gathering livestock and for hunting small animals. Fox-like in form and action, Schipperkes eventually became travel companions and pets, which also double up as vigilant watchdogs and vermin hunters.


Schipperkes are born hunters and quick to take off after moving prey when out in the open. They are alert, agile and full of energy, eager to be a part of all...

Leggi la descrizione della razza Schipperke ...

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